See you at the lights…


The ‘Amplepärchen’- The light couples As you wander the streets of Vienna you may notice that some of the lights at the pedestrian crossings are somewhat different. Instead of displaying the traditional red and green man, dotted through the city are lights displaying couples, both homo- and heterosexual. While they may well make a great…

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It’s Spritzer, it’s Spritzer time!

Understanding Austria

…for Spritzers And we are not talking about Christmas. That is for another day. No, instead, as the good weather starts to roll in there is only one thing on most of our minds right now. While you may be forgiven for thinking that we are dreaming of the summer holidays, an August away from…

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Tipping in Vienna: How to tip like a Wiener

... like a Wiener

While all the guide books are bound to inform you that tipping is part of the culture, what they may not explain is the how. Tipping in Vienna and Austria in general, is more than just ‘part of the culture’, it is part of their genetic make–up. To blend in, you need not just tip,…

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Champagne Tasting

“I often think what might happen today, if I start the day not with coffee, but with champagne” (c). Yes, in my opinion there is something special and intriguing in this drink, and I want to share this delight with you… Are you tired of mass excursions to worn out tourist places? Then I invite…

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Come with us on an exciting journey to the Champagne Region!

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