About Us

Wolfi is a world traveller with a strong hospitality background, and has lived and worked in various different countries.

Energetic, lively, and with an outgoing personality, he loves learning about and exploring different cultures. He especially loves sharing the secret side of Vienna with travellers on the walking tours offered through Vienna Urban Adventures. Come experience the city with Wolfi on a tour with us!


The Hobo Bobo, proclaimed by some as the ‘Gypsy Mayor’ of the 7th district, may spend a lot of time hanging around in cafes and drinking holes of Vienna’s hipster 7th, but his journey here has taken him from the highlands of Scotland and Europe to the Middle East before finally settling in Vienna in 2012.

Our resident blogger, only intended to stay a year and thus set about discovering as much about Vienna as possible, away from the Irish pubs where most of his compatriots could be found. Along the way he picked up an extensive knowledge of the city, its history and his own brand of Austrian German, which leaves the locals fairly confused.

Explore Vienna with Will on: The Food and Market Tour, Vienna Ring Road Run and on our Blog.