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About Us


Wolfi is a world traveller with a strong hospitality background, and has lived and worked in various different countries.

Energetic, lively, and with an outgoing personality, he loves learning about and exploring different cultures. He especially loves sharing the secret side of Vienna with travellers on the walking tours offered through Vienna Urban Adventures. Come experience the city with Wolfi on a tour with us!

Explore Vienna with Wolfy on: The Food and Market, Good Evening Vienna and The Wine of Vienna tours.


a woman wearing glasses and smiling at the camera


A country girl from Austria’s green heartland of Steiermark (Styria), Kerstin knew from a young age she wanted to work as a Care Assistant in nursing homes or with people with disabilities. However after completing her training, she also knew she should see the world first, and found the best way to do that would be on a German  Cruiser liner, so at least she was paid for it.

While this only agitated her traveling itch, family and her roots brought her back home where she picked up her career as a carer in Vienna. Despite living here for over a decade, the city still amazes her and between tours she spends her time exploring for the best green spots and pretty corners. Her time care homes mean that she does not just show you around, she looks after you, cares for you, while simultaneously imparting her love for the city she has come to call home.

Explore Vienna with Kerstin on: The Food and Market and Good Evening Vienna tours.


Patrick is Vienna born and bred, rumour has it he even knows his way around the sewer system without a torch, so much is the city in his blood. The first to answer Wolfi’s call and he quickly put his own unique stamp on the tours.

Raised in the lesser known 10th district, his knowledge of this area simply cannot be found in a guide book (not that this district features in any)! Even the most ancient Viennese local would discover something new with Patrick. When not on tour, he is either planning new tours with a lake sized mug of green tea, or planning the perfect world tour!

Explore Vienna with Patrick on: The Food and Market and Good Evening Vienna tours.

a man holding a hot dog on a city street


Every group needs a globetrotting student and in Lena we have ours. Born in France before eventually making it to the mountains of Carinthia via California and Idaho. All this movement left her a little restless, but during her wanders, all roads lead to Vienna eventually. Putting her search for the perfect beach on (temporary) hold she decided to study her.

Squeezing tours in between her studies, she enjoys rediscovering the city she fell in love with through the fresh eyes of tourists over and over. Not to mention using them as an excuse to go out and discover more and more. Her easy going manor will make you feel immediately at home, although we suspect she is just trying to learn what your favourite beach is so she can add it to her list.

Explore Vienna with Lena on: The Food and Market and Good Evening Vienna tours.


The Hobo Bobo, proclaimed by some as the ‘Gypsy Mayor’ of the 7th district, may spend a lot of time hanging around in cafes and drinking holes of Vienna’s hipster 7th, but his journey here has taken him from the highlands of Scotland and Europe to the Middle East before finally settling in Vienna in 2012.

Our resident blogger, only intended to stay a year and thus set about discovering as much about Vienna as possible, away from the Irish pubs where most of his compatriots could be found. Along the way he picked up an extensive knowledge of the city, its history and his own brand of Austrian German, which leaves the locals fairly confused.

Explore Vienna with Will on: The Food and Market Tour, Vienna Ring Road Run and on our Blog.




After years as a professional in the hotel world around Europe and the U.S., Verena is finally back in “her” city and loving the chance of sharing cultural, culinary and social experiences with friends and fellow travellers!  A graduate of an Austrian University, she specialised in modern languages and, today, even understands most of the charming Viennese dialect! A country girl at heart, she loves Vienna’s beautiful parks, especially the Prater, one of Europe’s largest.

Verena came here to work on hospitality projects and lived in 3 different districts. She is a true insider when it comes to local, always searching off the beaten track for new places to explore!

Her favourite part of touring the city with Urban Adventurers is the fact that she can impress wandering souls with the simple, hidden gems of Vienna’s outer districts.

Explore Vienna with Verena on: The Food and Market and Good Evening Vienna tours.

Just John Actually

Don’t let John’s lack of a Brummie accent fool you, he is from there! However after years on the campaign trail, the accent is gone, but not his wandering soul. Like many an expat, ‘it started out with a kiss’; a one week visit to a friend that ignited a fire and had John ready to pack up and leave the UK for Vienna’s fine streets.

Always priding himself on being in the know, he was quick to pick his way through Vienna and find all the exclusive spots, which he is more than happy to impart with. If he was not in Vienna he would be in the Balkan’s collapsing governments with his knowledge, so for that reason, we are happy he is here, there is enough upheaval in the world! Happiest when he has found something scrumptious and new to try.

Explore Vienna with John on: The Food and Market and Good Evening Vienna tours.


Every troupe needs a troubadour. Daniel, was found in the jungle of his native Mexico singing with birds by a travelling Austrian Opera critic, who quickly impressed on the young Daniel that he needed to come to Vienna. Having specialised in Operetta and Opera he has been known to spontaneously burst into song on tour.

With his classical training and intimate knowledge of all the places to hear music in Vienna, he loves to share this knowledge while on tour. Knowing, as he does, that a lot of you are here for exactly that reason. He dreams of performing in the Opera house and will tell anyone, that when it happens, you are of course all invited. Until then, you’ll just have to watch him sing on tour!

Explore Vienna with Daniel on: The Food and Market and Good Evening Vienna tours.

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