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Where to watch the Super Bowl LIV in Vienna

'Tis the Season February

One simply cannot let a holiday get in the way of a great American tradition! Whether you are dead keen on catching the whole game, or simple looking for an excuse to drink and eat your way into the new week, Vienna has all the answers for you. 

Endzone; bars going the whole hog.

Go the whole hog with these ticketed events… (calling ahead of time is strongly recommended!)

The Marriot Hotel/Champions Bar

Where: Parkring 12a, 1010 Vienna
Party Time: 2100–0500
Tickets: 68,70€ available here.

Whats on offer: A lot. Instead of using the renowned Champions Sports Bar, they are moving the party upstairs to make more space for food and other shenanigans. With the full pregame show, as well as their own pregame show involving; Radio 88.6 DJs for ambience; competitions involving original merchandise from First Down Bonzo; and the first of three menus! Three ‘All you can eat and drink’ menus run all night long. It starts with Hot Dogs, Burgers, Nachos and Mac’n’Cheese, heading onto a BBQ menu for kick off, before finishing up with something sweet to go with coffee at the end. Full details here.

Arcotel Wimbergera close up of a sign

Where: Neubaugürtel 34–36, 1070 Vienna
Party Time: 2030–0400
Tickets: 49–99€ depending on your seat, check here

Whats on offer: A theatre, by the looks of things. With seating categories it will make you feel like you are actually going to the Super Bowl when buying your ticket. On offer they have an all you can eat and drink buffet, with BBQ whose heat will only be matched by the fire–breathing entertainer they’ve hired. Whose heat may be surpassed by your embarrassment as you drunkly fall off the rodeo, or loose to your mates at the Xbox Super Bowl stations they have spread out through the room. Throw in some popcorn, a magician and presentation from Radio Arabella‘s sports experts and you almost have the American Dream.


Where: Resslgasse 5, 1040 Vienna
Party Time: 1900–0430
Tickets: 40€ available in the pub.

Whats on offer: A smaller and more intimate party. The slightly earlier start is down to the pre–match Super Bowl quiz, entrance included in the ticket price. This is the first of a couple of games going on throughout the evening, with a ‘Super Bowl Grid’ and the ‘Predictor Challenge’ also included in your ticket. Throughout the evening you will receive 4 free drinks, a burger of your choice and various snacks throughout the game, which could potentially mean baskets of popcorn. The optimist would hope for wings. You will, however, walk away with an NFL Team logo mug 20oz and being right next to the Karl’s Kirche, when the games over, you can go straight back to sightseeing.

Burger Bar

Where: Vorgartenstraße 204, 1020 Vienna
Party Time: 2200–0400
Tickets: 55€, available here.

Whats on offer: An easy escape back to the conference centre for those who are here for work. Not one of the established Super Bowl venues, but with Vienna trying to stake its claim in the conference world, if you are here for work this is for you. Offering all you can eat from their standard burger menu, with Nachos, sauces in abundance all to be wash down with Budweiser from the tap, the official beer of the NFL, or so we are told. Or Cola; also part of the American dream.

Tailgating; for those who want to dip in and out.

Want to get involved, but have an unforgiving taskmaster, who may be unsympathetic to your late night, and therefore may need to bail early, then these are for you…

Charlie P’s

Where: Währingerstraße 3, 1090 Vienna
Party Time: Whenever.
Tickets: Free!

Whats on offer: With 8 screens spread across two floors, this popular sports venue is well kitted out to handle the big game. While they are not going the whole hog, as with the venues above, they are offering a special menu for the night with an New York Style Hotdog and a Pulled Beef Sandwich, as well as a few drinks deals to help you through the night (kitchen only until 1:30am). As a free event this is the perfect spot for someone isn’t sure if they will survive the whole night, reservations advised if you want a table, but plenty of standing space is on offer!

Flanagan’sa drawing of a face

Where: Schwarzenbergstraße 1–3, 1010 Vienna 
Party Time: Whenever Trevor.
Tickets: Free!

Whats on offer: A no frills attached evening. The central location of this pub make it an easy spot to pop into from the hotel. With no entry fee and no special deals on offer this is an easy one to just concentrate on the serious business of watching the game. A popular spot with many sports fans and drinkers a like it is known for getting rowdy, whether it will still get rowdy at 12:30am on a Monday morning is a different question.

The wildcard

Addicted to Rock Bara close up of a helmet

Where: U-Bahn Bogen 186-188, 1190 Vienna
Party Time: 2200-0400
Tickets: Free!

What’s on offer: A little bit of everything. Not wanting to stray from their usual Sunday programme, there will be a pre game show of music from Austro-Alt-Pop act Leesa. Add this to the normal array of burgers, ribs and cocktails, as well a ‘small but fine’ menu for the duration of the game, this may be a bit far out for your normal tourist, but hey, that’s why it is the Wildcard. Being below an underground line, noise and accessibility should not be an issue!

Lonely Planet Experiences: Good Evening Vienna!

Enjoy a few drinks with us, alongside some delicious Viennese street food and indulge in a chocolate tasting that you’ve…

Enjoy a few drinks with us, alongside some delicious Viennese street food and indulge in a chocolate tasting that you’ve been dreaming about your whole life!

Lonely Planet Experiences: Good Evening Vienna!

Enjoy a few drinks with us, alongside some delicious Viennese street food and indulge in a chocolate tasting that you’ve been dreaming about your whole life!

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