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Things that are undeniably only invienna culture

1.Running into somebody you know, most places you go – Cuz ya know – Vienna so damn smal and cute

2. Tiny, compact dogs that fit in bags. (are we the only ones that feel like the dogs are shrinking in this city?

3.Elegant people dressed upp in suits and gowns standing at a Würstelstand smashing a sausage into their mouth and drinking beer from a can

4.Telling people you d never want to live in the countryside towns like Mödling or Guntramsdorf..until you have a kid and start nesting:)

5.Everbody complains, they know they complain, and they re kinda proud that they complain:))

6. A 20 -30 minute trip on public transport already feels like a 10 day trekking trip through the himilayas

7. The old world coffeehouse culture (Sitting for hours in a charming old coffeehouse, without being disturbed by anybody, is one of the sweetest things to do in Vienna