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Come with us on an exciting journey to the Champagne Region!

We will meet you at a popular bar in the heart of Vienna. In a pleasant atmosphere, we will dive into the elegant world of French champagne, a symbol of luxury and wealth. What makes it so special is that wealthy people lay out very significant amounts of money for this marvellous product?

You will be introduced to the 4 districts of the region of Champagne where this luxurious drink is produced: Montagne de Reims, Vallee de la Marne, Cote de Blance and Cote de Bar. Each region is unique from the other, but they also have common characteristics that are important to understand in the general stylistics of champagne. This will help you to navigate the many varieties offered in stores.

The subtleties of the production of champagne are fascinating. Let me tell you about the individual stages of ripening an elegant product, which causes so much emotion, admiration and discussion. The taste of champagne depends on the grape varieties, on the time of the grape harvest, as well as on the collage of the grape varieties, the method of production, aging of the product and other unique technological knowledge and secrets of the producers.

Let’s look at the bottle labels together. You will be able to read them even without speaking French! With some knowledge of champagne geography, technology and styles, in future you can identify the product that matches your personal taste. (UNCLEAR: The golden rule: the love of the drink does not determine the price, but only your exquisite taste!)

But all theoretical knowledge is insufficient if there is no practice. Own preferences cannot be determined without tasting and understanding the product. Therefore, with a special thrill, we invite you to taste, discover and discuss 7 carefully selected types of champagne … and if you like it – empty them to the bottom of the bottle. Without revealing all the secrets of our event, but emphasizing the level of tasting, we allow ourselves to mention that our meeting will not bypass the best-known brands of champagne.

We will give you not only good mood for your entire stay in Vienna, but also impulses to develop your own Champagne taste preferences. And maybe champagne will be your new hobby.

During the tasting, you will also be offered a light gourmet snack.

Additional Information:

The tour includes: tasting of 7 types of champagne, snacks, consultation of a taster guide.

The tour does not include: additional champagne tasting, souvenirs and personal gifts, tips.

Confirmation of booking: booking confirmed with a voucher. We will meet at the specified address. Contact us if you have any problems or you need additional information. Below please find our email address and phone number (during business hours only).

Tasting is not carried out for persons under 18 years of age.

Contact details:

Tel: +43 699 1165 9126

Email: [email protected]

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